Award-Winning Interior Design

Andrew Lauren Interiors specializes in flooring, wall tile, countertops, and window treatments for new home construction in the Southern California market. From humble beginnings with few employees in a rented storefront, the company has grown to become one of the largest home interior companies in California. Throughout our history, we have always been and will continue to be dedicated to the highest quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.

Our reputation is backed by over 15 years of servicing homeowners and builders, and our knowledgeable staff­ is here to ensure that you receive a customer-first experience. Andrew Lauren Interiors off­ers a very large selection of granite and quartz slab, carpet, tile, natural stone, wood, laminates, rolled vinyl, vinyl plank, and window coverings for single-family and multi-family residential projects. To off­er the highest level of convenience and service to customers, we have multiple design center locations throughout Southern California.


Our Vision

To provide the highest levels of service and supreme standards of workmanship and inspire every single homebuyer through exceptional design.

Our Mission

To be the best at what we do and be respected for our people, products, and performance while achieving profitable growth through superior customer service, innovation, quality, and a commitment to excellence in all we do.

Our Culture/Values

At Andrew Lauren, we believe that the success of our company is driven by our employees. With success as the ultimate goal, we strive to create and provide an environment that offers challenging and financially rewarding opportunities. Employee satisfaction is NOT taken for granted at Andrew Lauren – it is measured. All levels of management have an open-door policy to be approachable by employees.

We Value People

Andrew Lauren’s objective is to employ people who are hard-working, innovative, friendly, and diverse who embrace the values on this page. We value performance, personal growth, and equal treatment of all employees, regardless of position, title, or location. We invest in our employees by supporting outside education and through training, organizational development, and recognition. We have high integrity and respect for others, and each of us is accountable for our own performance, and we expect the same from others. Our employees are involved and care about what is going on.

We Value Quality

Andrew Lauren is committed to providing the highest levels of service and highest standards of workmanship. We take personal pride and ownership in all we do. We seek fact-based, root-cause solutions, not blame. For continued success, we must all work together to continually improve ourselves, our jobs and processes, and our company.

We Value Customers

Andrew Lauren Interiors is focused on exceeding all customer expectations. We determine our priorities and strategy based on voice-of-customer. We partner with our customers, making them competitive by delivering the best value and service.

We Value Teamwork

Andrew Lauren Interiors is dedicated to creating partnerships with employees by holding annual planning meetings to establish a common vision with excellent buy-in. We encourage open communication and teamwork with the support of our management team, who are hands-on and accessible. We strive for a fun and creative environment which encourages new ideas and collaboration. We maximize long-term growth and profitability by investing company resources wisely – as if they are our own. We are considerate of the environment and our communities. All of our employees are equally responsible for the success of Andrew Lauren Interiors and for maintaining the quality of our work environment.

Moneta Pointe kitchen detail
Dining room