Options Management

In addition to our Design Center and Installation services, Andrew Lauren Interiors offers Options Management for our valued clients. Building an options program can be an overwhelming task, even for the most experienced builder teams. From structural options to electrical, cabinetry, plumbing, fixtures, paint, and beyond, Andrew Lauren Interiors takes the burden of creating and running an option program and turns it into an enjoyable and profitable enterprise for our clients.

Our in-house Options Team will work with you and your subcontractors to identify the multiple components needed for all available options and develop the options catalog to fit your individual needs. Additionally, they will provide administrative support to ensure the successful implementation and use of the program while providing feedback on profitability.

Whether setting it up from start to finish or providing a helping hand to an in-place builder options team, we are adept at managing the flow.

Andrew Lauren Interiors has experience working in multiple different platforms including HB1, Sales Simplicity, Pharaoh, Studio Chateau, Builder 1440, BuildTopia, and Mark Systems, and our services can be utilized either through a builder’s existing software platform or our own in-house software.

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