Natural Stone Tile Care & Maintenance

  1. Preventative Care

    1. Place mats at exterior entry ways to avoid tracking dirt and debris inside.
    2. Use floor protectors on furniture legs and do not push or pull your furniture across the floor without first protecting.
    3. Your stone has been sealed which will increase its stain resistance. Sealers do not make the stone stain proof however, so you still need to be diligent about removing spills right away.
    4. Avoid exposing your stone tile to permanent inks or dyes.
  2. Routine Care

    1. Clean spills immediately, including water, to minimize the chance of staining.
    2. Dust mop prior to liquid cleaning.
    3. Use pH balanced neutral cleaners specifically designed for stone and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Remove dirty solution with a clean sponge (change out the water frequently) and buff dry.
    4. For heavy duty cleaning, the procedure is the same, but use a heavy-duty stone cleaner specially formulated to clean stone without damaging it.
  3. Sealer Maintenance

    1. Depending on usage, you will need to have your stone professionally resealed anywhere from every 6 months – 4 years.
    2. If your stone darkens when wet, it will return to its normal color when dry, but this is an indication that it is time to reseal. The more traffic and wear a stone floor area endures, the more often it will need to be resealed.

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