1. Routine Care

    1. Use cleaners with a neutral pH which are compatible for cleaning grout. Use a medium bristle brush if scrubbing is necessary.
    2. Avoid harsh cleaners such as ammonia, vinegar, bleach, or anything abrasive. Grout sealers are not chemical proof and will break down from exposure to harsh chemical cleaners.
    3. For heavy duty cleaning, consider using a professional grout cleaning company.
    4. Steam cleaning grout is not recommended. Consistent exposure to this cleaning method will result in degradation of the material, causing the grout to crack and fall apart.
  2. Sealing

    1. You should seal your grout. Your grout is not sealed by us because it needs time to cure properly, and sealant would impede this process. Have a professional contractor seal your grout after at least two weeks have passed since installation.
    2. Have the grout resealed as necessary by a professional.

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